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When you shop these Fine Chocolate Bars, you'll quickly find remarkable chocolate. Award winning, organic, vegan, inclusion and more bean to bar hand crafted chocolate made with cacao beans from around the world...many from a single country or plantation.  

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Be certain to include the promo code when selecting your Fine Chocolates to be delivered. Also, look for the limited edition chocolate bars to be sure to enjoy the special flavors.

Chocolate Tasting

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Artisan Fine Chocolate bars of premium chocolate was the chocolate of choice for a tasting event to celebrate the staff of an H & R Block franchise owner. "It was a fun, informative and delicious event!"

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Chocolate may help you age better as reported by the Washington Post (07/07/2017)

Article Excerpt:

Flavonoids in chocolate may improve blood vessel function, which may lower blood pressure and may affect clotting. Dark chocolate has more flavonoids and less sugar than milk chocolate.