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Hand Crafted Fine Chocolate

From Cocoa Plantations across the World to Remarkable Fine Chocolate


We source the best artisan chocolate makers who create their chocolate with the highest quality cacao beans from across the globe.

Artisan Fine Chocolate delivered to your door!

Preparing the Cacao Bean


Sourcing the best cacao beans is an art! Many of these Artisan Fine Chocolate bars are made from cacao beans from single countries or even plantations.

Refining, Conching and Tempering to make Fine Chocolate


Fine Chocolate made by Artisans by refining, conching and tempering it prior to molding their delicious bars.

Creating the Finest Chocolate for every taste


The passionate Artisans crafting these Fine Chocolate Bars carefully select the cacao beans, and nurture every step of the chocolate making process.

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Review by Karen K. - “I ordered an assortment of bars as gifts. Well I had was nothing like you'd buy in a grocery store, at the movies or anywhere else.  And, get enough!”

Review from Kathy S. - "This is delicious!  Great fun doing the tasting experiences too!"

Review from Caitlin R. - "5 Stars!:"

Bean to Bar, Organic, Vegan, Dairy Free, Single Origin, Inclusion - all Delicious Fine Chocolate!


Our sister company Chocolate Tasting offers live artisan fine chocolate tastings and pairing events (wiine, beer, cheese or tea) & DIY tasting kits. 

SHOP! NEW -  Michigan Princess inspired collection. 

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Our Story

Remarkable Fine Chocolate

Taste the difference  of Artisan created Fine Chocolate compared to so-called quality chocolate. You won't go back!

Taste the Cacao Bean to Bar Fine Chocolate Difference

People have found the Artisan Fine Chocolate Bars found on Chocolate Explorer LLC to be superior in quality and variety. These Premium Chocolatiers have created  artisanal chocolate bars for those with fine tastes:

  • from bean to bar
  • many made from single origin cacao beans whether by country or plantation
  • Artisans crafting chocolate in the United States, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific and around the globe
  • white, milk and dark fine chocolate
  • organic
  • vegan
  • infusion bars (containing more than cacao beans and basic ingredients)
  • non-dairy
  • sugar free
  • award winning choices
  • limited edition bars

Fine Chocolate Connoisseurs & Beginners Alike Love Chocolate Explorer LLC Offerings

We  offer an incredible array of Fine Chocolate made with cacao beans sourced from around the world.

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